Frequently Asked Questions - Transfer from ACS to UHEAA

Question 1 Why was my loan transferred? Your loan was purchased by UHEAA in February 2015, and the servicing of your loan has recently been transferred from ACS to us. UHEAA’s focus is to help students plan, prepare, and pay for their college education in order to fulfill their educational goals. UHEAA has over 30 years of experience in providing excellent customer service to student loan borrowers, and we look forward to assisting you.
Question 2 Will I have a new account number? Yes, once the transfer process is complete you can log in to your online account to obtain your new account number and loan summary. Your account number will also be listed on all correspondence and billing statements.
Question 3 Will my due date change? Your due date should remain the same, and you will be expected to continue making payments once you have received a notice from UHEAA containing your new account number and loan summary. UHEAA has flexible payment dates and encourages you to contact us if you would like to change your due date to one that better fits your situation.
Question 4 Will my payment change? Your monthly payment should remain the same. For questions on how to adjust or reduce your monthly payment, please call us to discuss your options with a customer service representative.
Question 5 I was making automatic electronic payments with my previous servicer. Will I have to reapply for this option with UHEAA? No. If you were making automatic electronic payments with your previous servicer, your bank account information will be transferred to us. If you were not participating in automatic electronic payments with your previous servicer but would like to sign up with UHEAA, click here to download the application.
Question 6 I received an interest rate reduction with my previous servicer for making automatic electronic payments. Will I get the same benefit from UHEAA? Yes, all of your loan benefits will be honored by UHEAA. If you were making automatic electronic payments with your previous servicer, your bank account information will be forwarded to us, and any benefits associated with your automatic electronic payments will remain on your account.
Question 7 I recently made a payment with my previous servicer. Will it be forwarded to UHEAA? Yes, for up to 60 days after your loans are transferred, payments made to your previous servicer will be forwarded to UHEAA. After the 60-day period, your payments will be returned to you and will not be applied to your account. Please start mailing all payments directly to UHEAA at:

PO Box 561480
Denver, CO 80256

Question 8 I cannot afford my payment. How can I adjust or postpone my monthly payment? If you are unable to make your monthly payment or you would like to discuss postponement options, please call to speak with a customer service representative once you have received notice that your loan transfer is complete.
Question 9 I am in the process of filing my taxes. How will I get my tax information from my previous servicer? Your previous servicer will send you tax information from the 2015 tax year. If you do not receive this information you will need to contact your prior servicer directly.
Question 10 When can I create an online account? Once you receive notice from UHEAA that your loans have been successfully transferred, please click here to create an online account where you can see your loan details, make your monthly payment, view your bill, download forms, and much more.